Automatic assembly and testing of retaining rings

More process safety and production optimization by SET-development.


Initial Situation

Retaining rings are fasteners that attach the components or assemblies using a groove in a bore or rod. They are an effective alternative to conventional fastening methods, since they consist only of one component and require only one groove for mounting. However, the installation of safety rings is often performed manually, thus consistent manufacturing standards are hard to reach and the efficiency of production processes suffers.

As part of the development of a manufacturing machine Software Engineering Tschürtz (SET) developed a construction which makes it possible to mount retaining rings automatically into the slot provided. This guarantees the optimization and standardization of this step and to increase overall production efficiency.



Optimized manufacturing-assembly

The retaining rings are thereby strung on a ring holder thorn and the further assembly is fully automatic: First, the ring is secured in accordance with standardized pressure values in the groove, followed by automatic verification and the further assembly process is released. The automatic control ensures the absolute correct installation of the safety ring and excludes consequential damage caused by possible defects in assembly.

The further special feature developed by SET method are the optimized processes:

During the testing and release of the security rings is done on the closed back of the assembly machines, the recent placement of the mounting hardware is made by the operator on the operating side simultaneously.

This process not only ensures productive and safe installation of retaining rings, but it allows a total of more efficient and more optimized manufacturing process of assemblies and components in which retaining rings are used, such as bearings, heat exchanger, pump housings, engine, transmission, ABS braking systems, compressors etc.

Integration in all production machines

Software Engineering Tschürtz has the experience and the know-how to integrate the automatic installation of safety rings in a variety of manufacturing apparatus and installations. Thereby SET develops according to specific requirements, individual designs to optimize existing manufacturing processes in compliance with all safety standards and norms.

The advantages at a glance

  • Automatic assembly, control and release of the retaining rings
  • Consistently high quality standards
  • Increase and optimization of process safety
  • Increase in production efficiency