SnowSet - a novel system for better detection of avalanche danger

By whom it was developed?

From SET! We thank the “Avalanche Warning Service Upper Austria”, which provides us with weather and snow profiles at the trial site. Furthermore, we are supported by “Bergbahnen Wurzeralm”.

Why not just continue to use the old method?

  • The old method is a manual method, ie. members of the Commission have to make avalanche test excavations.
  • This sometimes results in a potential threat to the members.
  • The measurements are not continuously but at certain intervals.
  • Our system is installed in avalanche prone areas before winter and provides an ongoing state of the snowpack.

How does this work?

  • The system measures the electrical impedance of the snowpack with a resolution of about one value per mm. From these values it can be calculated back to the density of the snowpack.
  • Moreover subsidence of the snowpack over time can be determined.
  • In addition, a temperature profile is created.

Can I record other values?

Yes, SnowSet can be equipped with other sensors and ran thus be upgraded to a full weather station. A webcam is so Possible, If Desired.

Is there an example chart?

Yes, you can see one on the right bar ("data analysis").The height (in mm) is plotted on the Y-axis and the density of the snow (the lower the value, the higher the density) is plotted on the x-axis.

How and where can I see the data?

The Data is stored using remote connection to the SET servers and is plotted on a web interface. Look at the first live data from SnowSet!

Are there more information?

Yes, pdfPDF Download298.69 kB.

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