MPS-Unit for thePiedmont

Shortly before the end of the year we are allowed to report the loading of an MPS unit. This time it is a press that does not have to travel that far: it goes to the south of Europe, to Italy, to Piedmont.

The system was first built in our production hall for inspection and approval, afterwards  dismantled for transport and finally rebuilt in Piedmont.

Here are some facts about the unit which illustrates the size and mass:
• There are 16 presses, a curing oven and 4 robots installed on a size of 16 x 18 m and a height of almost 8 meters.
• the heaviest transported piece has a weight of 22.5 tons
• a total of 16 trucks are needed for transportation, which equates to 16 forty feet high cube containers!
With this system, a fully automatic production from the material input to the output of the finished workpieces is ensured.

fig 01 fig 02 fig 03 fig 04 fig 05 fig 06 fig 07