A great honor was given to us in November:

On 6th of November, Johann Tschürtz, the managing director and company founder of SET, have been in the city of Eisenstadt as Innovation Ambassador for the province of Burgenland. He proudly announced this year's winners in the category "Innovative Dienstleistungen".

The SET success story is reflected in the history of the Innovation Award:

This year, for the first time, the function of the Innovation Ambassador of the Burgenland economy was introduced for the Anniversary Innovation prize. Ambassadors are appointed persons who have achieved great success in the history of the Innovation prize Burgenland and who can serve as role models for entrepreneurs in the Burgenland for this reason. That the choice felt on Johann Tschürtz, makes us proud!

Congratulatons - also at this point - to the winners of 2019!

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The winning companies wil lbe featured in short YouTube-Videos: Link to YouTube!