High level  visit on Monday, April 30, 2018 at SET Software Engineering Tschürtz GmbH in Marz:

Federal Minister Norbert Hofer visited us at the company, taking the time to visit the factory and get an idea of ​​what we do and what makes us special. The occasion was the awarding of the "Burgenland Landessieger 2018" award as part of the "Jobs through Innovation" initiative.



At this award ceremony, which took place in our newly built company building in Marz, the managing director of the SET, Johann Tschürtz welcomed Federal Minister Norbert Hofer, Landeshauptman deputy Johann Tschürtz, Federal Councilor Inge Posch-Gruska, the mayor of Marz, Gerald Hüller and the deputy mayor Maria Zachs, the FFG Managing Director Klaus Pseiner and of course our employees and guests who, together with the management, were very pleased about the award.

The initiative "Jobs through Innovation" is an initiative of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG and honors companies that develop excellently innovative products or services and offer their employees above-average working conditions. Two companies are honored per state.

We at SET have employed thirty-one employees since 2013 and now employ a total of 49 people. 16 of them work in research and development.

During his visit, Federal Minister Norbert Hofer emphasized that SET, as a awardee, has proven that high-quality working conditions make innovative products and processes possible and together with our committed employees form the backbone of the innovation country Burgenland and thus strengthen Austria. Federal Minister Norbert Hofer took the time for a detailed tour through the production and administration of SET, led by managing director Johann Tschürtz, and was very interested in all production processes. Managing Director Johann Tschürtz was able to contribute to the fact that Mr. Hofer was able to get a comprehensive picture of the work at the SET by his explanations during the tour through the production hall and administrative area.

We would like to thank the FFG for the award, Norbert Hofer for his visit and the words of praise and motivation, and all other attendees for their participation. We feel honored and confirmed in our work!



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