Loading of Multiple-Press-System MPS

As always, our employees have been diligent and have worked hard and focused on completing the MPS presses. These are now loaded and ready for the long journey to Wuhan / China. 16 high cube containers are filled and are going on a long journey in two tranches by rail.

Contents of the containers are our award-winning Multiple-Press-System (MPS).

Modern organic rubbing materials, as used today, make high demands on the automation, the reproducibility and the control of the production process of brake linings. We at SET have developed an answer to this challenge with the fully automatic MPS system. The entire production process is electronically controlled and monitored. This means maximum process reliability and optimum quality, while at the same time the highest possible conservation of resources.

MPS stands for maximum flexibility in production. Depending on the friction materials used, up to 16 different types of pads for cars and trucks can be produced at the same time. The modular design of the system allows the execution of maintenance and conversion without complete shutdown. Downtimes are thus reduced and availability and productivity increased.

We wish our Multiple-Press-Systems a good and safe trip to China.

But before shipping the dismounting of the MPS is necessary: here in time-lapse the dismounting of the MPS-System:

  fig 00 fig 01 fig 02 fig 03 fig 04 fig 05 fig 06 fig 07 fig 08 fig 09 fig 10 fig 11 fig 12