"Sieger. Aus Leidenschaft"

On 23rd May 2019 in Vienna, we were proud to receive the award of "Sieger der Leidenschaft" from the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. The prize was awarded to us for our excellent entrepreneurial achievements in recent years (winner of the Bgld Innovation Award 2017 and nomination for the Econivius State Prize).

We were awarded for the development of the Modular Press System, a fully automatic system consisting of 16 presses, 4 robots and a curing oven; a tailor-made and customized solution for each customer.

From the press release of WKO Gewerbe / Handwerk:

"The flagship of our location is the outstanding achievements of the companies and their employees. This evening belongs to the "Siegern und Siegerinnen aus Leidenschaft" who prove in crafts and trades day by day that they are among the best companies in Austria ", emphasized yesterday, Thursday evening, WKÖ President Harald Mahrer. The previous Federal Government had set a clear focus with a location-friendly policy. [...]

Michael Esterl, secretary general of the Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location, underlined the great opportunity offered by the extension of teaching to include digital elements. "The next generation will grow up in a digital world throughout. We therefore have to spread digitization into all areas. "With the first-ever creation of a digitization ministry in Austria, an important signal was sent out. In any case, the previous federal government had achieved a lot for the business location and worked well together on a technical level.

Renate Scheichelbauer-Schuster congratulated the winners as chairman of the Federal Trade and Industry branch and pointed to the "great diversity, the extraordinary quality of the award-winning products and services and the enormous innovation and development potential of the crafts and trades", which are the basis for success Austria's largest employer. Scheichelbauer-Schuster also emphasized the special relevance of dual training for Federal Minister Margarete Schramböck.

We would like to thank the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber for this award, which has made us very happy and motivated!


Video production: "truEmotion Pictures“, Speaker Claudio Schütz



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Fotocredit: Weinwurm and Beni Mooslechner